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Archive for September 2013

Vincigliata Castle – Florence

If romance in the city of Florence is what you desire for you perfect wedding, then look no further because Vincigliata Castle is the destination for you.  It is complete with an enchanting ambiance, a friendly staff, and amenities to accommodate the logistics of your wedding and guests.  Recognized for their elegance and classical feel,…

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Villa La Vedetta – Florence, Italy

Villa La Vedetta, comfortably nestled in the city of Florence, is world renowned for the exquisiteness and ambiance it provides their clients and guests.  There are lush green hills as far as the eye can see and the River Arno flowing in the distance.  There are so many wonderful reasons for why this is the…

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Thirteen Beliefs, Superstitions, and Traditions of an Italian Wedding

Marriage is a practice that has been around for centuries and is conducted differently in various cultures. In Italy, there are some timeless traditions, beliefs, and superstitions that are practiced by the bride, groom and all of their guests. ONE. A well-known tradition is the bomboniera also referred to as the wedding favor. Typically, it…

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