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Autumn Wedding in Florence

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It might not have been love at first sight for these two, but their lovely wedding was a day that either of them will never forget.  Costanza and Niccolò knew each other for a while before they began dating—Niccolò was Costanza’s brother’s best friend before their love flourished.

They tied the knot with a civil ceremony in a rustic town hall.  To add a bit of elegance to the ambiance, they covered the chairs with pashmina’s in vivid autumn colors.  The main color of the event was a warm and rich burgundy color.

Costanza walked down the aisle with her beautiful six bridesmaids and two flower girls, one of whom was her own daughter, Ginevra.  She entered with her father to the melody of “I Say A Little Prayer For You” being sung by a fantastic soul singer.  Her dress was beautifully handcrafted just like the delicate belt on the bridesmaid dresses by Marriage ( in Florence —very simple and dainty.  During the ceremony, they listened to poetry from Neruda and then exchanged wedding rings—Niccolò even gave a small ring to Ginevra.

After the ceremony concluded, the reception in an exclusive venue that is rarely rented.  The aperitif were served as the guests mingled in the castle’s court.  The area was finely decorated with seating cushions and lateens in the spacious courtyard.  The olive trees were decorated with Christmas lights, which made the entire court glow—love and happiness was definitely in the air.

Besides the wonderful hues of their color scheme, the heart shape was also incorporated brilliantly and tastefully.  The tableu was a fantastic door made with hearts and Ginevra had her own tableau that was adorned with pink hearts.  The windows of the castles had the menu instead of the typical paper form and each seat held a small hand-decorated goody bag for their guests.  The attention to detail was spectacular and there was not a single aspect overlooked.  Their initials were placed on the napkins in the exact calligraphy as the invitations and “bomboniere.”

After the aperitif, about 150 guests were served a seated and served dinner, prepared by the chef.  The tables had a shabby chic style similar to their ceremony in the town hall.  The lighting was very soft and romantic with lots of candles everywhere.  When dinner was finished, the guests came went back to the main courtyard where it was completely transformed.

An overarching gazebo was placed where guests could pass under before entering another room embellished with chandeliers and candles—this room with the epitome of style and sophistication.  There was a confetti table with 15 different flavors to taste and a heart shaped dish for the memento of the day with cache and their initiations all around the room.  One side was a lovely living room where there was also cigar & cognac and  chocolate room.

The mode of the hear that were placed every were, the inspiration was taken from a passion of Costanza for Heart, passion that she has taken in to a wonderful business were the hear is the logo of the company please check it out

A sweet treat for the guests was the wedding cake—beautiful and highly detailed.  There was a mirror mall on top of the cake for special effects in additions to crystals and candles.

The guests enjoyed their piece of cake, with buble blown around the wonderful atmosphere, and spent the night celebrating with Costanza  and Niccolò dancing to music all night long.

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  1. Stephanie Jo on April 2, 2014 at 1:58 pm

    Absolutely stunning. The town hall is gorgeous and the pop of white against the wood ceiling is to DIE for! ♡

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