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5 Top Tips for Bridesmaids at an Italian Wedding



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It is a special and life-changing moment when a man pops the questions to his girlfriend, thus becoming engaged. Similarly, it is also a humbling and special moment when a bride-to-be pops the question to her favorite girl friends, asking them to be a bridesmaid on her special day. This is a very important role and it is a great honor, however there is a great deal of responsibility to fulfilling this role.

Continue reading on and we will guide you to becoming an effective, helpful, and wonderful bridesmaid throughout the couple’s entire engagement.

One. A crucial role that a bridesmaid must play is to help the bride during the planning stages of the wedding. Planning a wedding is a very big undertaking and sometimes brides can be very overwhelmed…this is where a bridesmaid steps in. You must assist in navigating the bride through the big decisions and minute details. Although there is a wedding planner, make sure that the bride has additional company. It is a bridesmaid’s responsibility to make sure that the bride is confident in all of her decisions. Plus, a bridesmaid offers a new perspective, fresh ideas, and keeps the bride from getting frazzled.

Two. Another important task of a bridesmaid is being present during the tougher times. A wedding is a blissful event, but the time leading up to it can be very emotional. A bride will have her ups and downs, tension between her and others, and a lot on her plate. It is your duty to console her, ease her worries, and help her to remain calm. Additionally, you yourself must remain collected so you do not stress out the bride. Remember, a happy bride will lead to a fun, energizing, and beautiful day.

Three. While the bride is planning the wedding, you will also be in charge of planning gatherings in honor of the couple. There are three traditional gatherings that precede the actual wedding. The engagement party is to celebrate and announce the couple’s engagement officially. The bridesmaid’s role is to help organize this alongside the bride. The following event is the bridal shower, which is specifically a nice luncheon or dinner to be with the bride. The bridesmaid’s role is to set-up, be a helpful host, and entertain the attendees. The final party to celebrate the last single days of the bride is the bachelorette party. If you are the bridesmaid, this is the most important event to plan. Remember to make it fun, full of laughter, and a memorable night.

Four. Once the wedding ceremony is finished, it is time to move on to the wedding reception. As a bridesmaid, you have a highlight moment to fulfill. It is such an honor to make a speech and recall your favorite memories with the bride. This is a very endearing and special moment so make it count. Although it is not necessary to make a very long, in-depth speech, keep it a simple and powerful message to the bride.

Five. This is not a certain task, but it is more of an attitude to adapt during this time. A necessary tip to be a perfect bridesmaid is to be accepting and willing to do things for the sake of the bride. Bear in mind that this is not your wedding or time to shine. Everything you do must benefit or please the bride. If you do not like the dress, hair, makeup, flowers, etc., keep it to yourself. The bride put in many countless hours to plan everything to her specifications. Be a reliable bridesmaid and a great friend by always smiling pleasantly throughout the entire day.

Being a bridesmaid may seem like a myriad of responsibilities and endless amounts of tasks and although it may be time consuming, nothing is more rewarding than being a marvelous friend. Supporting the bride during such a joyful time in her life is a priceless experience. If you follow these tips, we assure you that your job as a bridesmaid will be much more manageable. When you are a bridesmaid, you share in the happiness and love of the couple, a completely enrapturing and enchanting period.

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