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Benefits of an Italian Lake Wedding

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Escape the burdens and responsibilities of reality and take some time to free your mind from the bustling city.  The Tuscan Wedding has some gorgeous lake venues for you to plan your beautiful wedding day at.  Just like any other city, the lakes have a wide variety of options for you to select from—there is a perfect fit for everyone! Lake venues are absolutely stunning and are a wonderful getaway!

Some of our couples might be hesitant about picking a lake venue because most weddings are at a hotel or villa.  However, we here at The Tuscan Wedding see such great potential at these venues and would love to plan your perfect wedding day surrounded by the open water.  Lakes venues offer a myriad of benefits that all of our couples love.  This includes a break from the busy city, seclusion, isolation, and intimacy with their guests, and a romantic vibe.

Weddings in the city can sometimes be overwhelming.  By having your wedding at a lake venue, you are distanced from many tourist attractions, traffic, and stress that the city bears.  With a lake wedding you have time to breathe the fresh ocean air.  You do not have to worry about any distractions—just focus on making the most of your time during your stay.  You will find that you are able to clear your mind and concentrate on what really matters— the beginning of a new chapter in your life.

Other than deciding on a lake venue based on the distance from the city, our couples select a lake venue because they value privacy.  Lake venues are detached and most of the time they can be rented out so that you and your guests are the only ones the venue will accommodate for that weekend.  Or you can rent out a certain space for added intimacy with your guests.  The isolation is another benefit that keeps you in a magical world filled with love, splendor, and happiness as you say “I do.”

In addition to the distance from the city and secluded location, lake venues offer clients a very romantic and enchanting vibe.  There’s nothing dreamier and soothing that watching the sunset over the lake—this is something that you would not be able to do when in the city with all the bright lights.  You can feel the lake breeze, smell the fresh air, and enjoy gazing up at the stars.

Last but certainly not least, the accommodations are spectacular at lake venues.  The venue staff is always readily on hand to make your dreams comes true.  They are professionals and work around the clock to ensure that everything is in place for when you walk down the aisle.  Never fret, although it is isolated, we have catering, decorations, and much more available at the venues.

If you are interested in planning an Italian lake wedding, check out some of our options here:

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