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Archive for March 2015

French-based Couple Married in Italy

[:en] “Love isn’t something you find.  Love is something that finds you.” – Loretta Young It was a magical day for one lucky lady and one fortunate man on September 20th of last year.  Guests filled the absolutely gorgeous and stunning venue of Villa Mangiacane for a beautiful celebration of love that emanated an aura…

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Civil Weddings in Italy

 If you can hear wedding bells ringing in your future, this is a definite must read for you!  Italy is home to many beautiful and historic villas and lush, green gardens that we are extremely proud of.  The vast grandeur and loveliness of these villas and gardens are beyond our description; however, we are fully prepared to…

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How to Choose the Best Cake in Italy

We here at The Tuscan Wedding are always looking to bring you the best information and ideas to make your wedding everything you’ve ever dreamed of–beautiful, romantic, and special!  We have a special treat for our readers as we have asked a guest to contribute an article for you to better understand how to decide…

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