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Civil Weddings in Italy

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 If you can hear wedding bells ringing in your future, this is a definite must read for you!  Italy is home to many beautiful and historic villas and lush, green gardens that we are extremely proud of.  The vast grandeur and loveliness of these villas and gardens are beyond our description; however, we are fully prepared to help you find the location of your dreams for a civil wedding ceremony.  In Italy, by law you can only get married civilly in a town hall and few villas—these are the only ones authorized.  The Tuscan Wedding is able to organize a religious wedding that is civilly recognized in any location you would like. In Italy, in order to have a civil marriage that is fully recognized, you have to go to a town hall or another place that the law recognizes as valid—have no fear, we can help you find the perfect place.  Many of the town halls are absolutely stunning and are very interesting places, but if your dream is to get married in a blooming garden, a lush vineyard, or somewhere lakeside, many people will tell you that it is not possible to have a civil marriage that is recognized.
The Tuscan Wedding will be able to help you organize a Christian, civilly recognize wedding in any location that you want.  We will also help you find suitable options so that your guests can be accommodated in the space and won’t have to travel too far.  You will never have to settle for less because we are here to help your vision become reality.  This procedure is very simple and we will handle everything for you and guide you the entire time.
Here are some examples of some gorgeous locations for your Christian, civilly recognized wedding. Villa Cousette is a very luscious and green location which would make the perfect garden wedding.  Taken advantage of the well kept and minted gardens and your guests will be blown away by the natural beauty.  The beautiful terrace is at your disposal and it is lovely for outdoor ceremony where you can feel the cool breeze, but if it gets too warm there is a canopy to shade your wedding. Villa Edera is in the heart of tuscany, but is secluded enough so that you can have the perfect getaway with your friends and family for a lovely Christian, civil marriage.  This location is just the right size as it is not too big and not too small.  The garden is filled with large trees that hang overarching the garden and provides a romantic and whimsical atmosphere. Villa Medicea is a very versatile location where you want a small and simple ceremony or a large and extravagant one.  There is a very large and open terrace that is a beautiful haven of the most picturesque greenery.  This would make for a lovely outdoor wedding because with all the space, so much magic can be created—and it’s all up to you! These are a few villas that we personally love and can see immense opportunities with.  Having a Christian civil marriage is very important to many of our clients and we want to make sure that they have all the options that they need.  Do you have any questions?  Feel free to direct any questions to info@thetuscanwedding and we will respond to you as soon as we can!

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