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Planning A Wedding In Italy: The Essential Facts

Your wedding day is sure to be one of the proudest and most special Planning a Wedding in Italydays of your life. Before you enter into a civil partnership in front of your nearest and dearest, there will be a certain level of planning involved. Location is important and Italy offers a romantic setting, making it the ideal destination for tying the knot. Whether you want to follow typical Italian wedding traditions or have a one-of-a-kind ceremony, prepare properly by learning the facts first. So here are some essential facts to planning a wedding in Italy.

Marriage Requirements and Rules in Italy

Known as the country of love, Italy really is the perfect wedding destination. Unlike other countries that prove difficult to get married in, Italian marriages are relatively straightforward. However, you will need to obtain particular approvals and documents to abide by the country’s laws. If you know someone who is experienced at assisting with weddings, be sure to contact them as a way of easing the process.Planning a Wedding in Italy 

Some requirements for planning a wedding in Italy include:

  • Having two witnesses declare your marriage intentions to the town clerk.
  • Visiting the town registrar to get documents authenticated at least four days before wedding proceedings.
  • Presenting your birth certificate and passport.
  • You must swear you have the legal right to marry in front of an Italian counsellor with four witnesses.
  • Hiring a certified translator to translate paperwork.

Choosing a Location

An unforgettable wedding can be had in various locations throughout Italy, with the following proving the most popular:

  • Tuscany – Boasting beautiful countryside, Tuscany is home to lots of gorgeous lake venues.
  • Sicily – The freshest seafood can be found in Sicily, which offers panoramic sea views from most wedding locations.
  • Amalfi – A small town in the Salerno province, Amalfi is home to picturesque villages and sunlit grottoes. Enjoy a boat ride around the coastline after saying your vows!
  • The Lake District – Another waterfront location is the Lake District, which stretches across beautiful Northern Italy.

Planning a Wedding in ItalyHaving a Church Wedding

More than 75 percent of weddings in Italy will be held inside a church. In most cases, a civil partnership must take place before a religious ceremony can commence. If you have been thinking about having a church wedding in Italy, you and your partner must appear before the civil registrar beforehand. The non-Roman Catholic clergymen have special requirements, therefore the legality of the marriage should be proved first and foremost to avoid unexpected delays.

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