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A Real Tuscan Wedding: Susy & Jeorge's Wedding Day

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Susy and Jeorge reached a milestone event in their lives on the 24th of July in 2014. The two made lifelong promises to each other in front of all their loved ones as they said, “I do” on that incredibly special day.

The nuptials happened at Villa Grazianella, a beautiful location located in Italy. The couple decided on a very simple and romantic theme that was emphasized with a white and pink color scheme as peonies and ortensias were a key motif of the event.

The Mexican couple selected Italy as the spot for their destination wedding and fell in love with the splendor of the country. The dress fit the bride’s vision of being elegant and classic. The couple decided to make the wedding a bit more personal by having the bridesmaids wear different dresses that suit their own personality and taste while still following the color scheme.

They shared a religious ceremony at the Montepulciano church. During the ceremony a wonderful sting quarter played in the background. Following the aperitif with sunset view, the couple and guests enjoyed a romantic and fun-filled night on the dance floor with a special stage decorated with colorful lights.

The wedding is considered a traditional Tuscan wedding, which was accompanied with a traditional style menu filled with Italian cuisine served buffet style. Lights were importance to the bride who wanted a beautiful glow throughout her ceremony and reception. It added a very unique and particular style to the whole event.

As a special treat for their guests, the couples arranged for an ice cream truck and alcoholic beverages to be present towards the end of the night for a sweet ending.

Congratulations to the couple celebrating 1 year—Susy & Jeorge![:]

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